Artwork by founder/artist, Emmeline Wolf.  Regard for inspiration or contact for customization.

I am an artist.  I am a painter and dancer.  Mostly, now, however, I am at home. 

My consciousness drifts awake each morning, and I think beauty – made by hand or made by earth.  I imagine ways to intertwine art and living. When I see it, either close up or at a distance, I pause and imprint it inside me.  Whether it’s a yellow mango on an aqua green plate or a seated male nude drawing in red chalk by Michelangelo, beauty and life and art merge.  Holding onto art and beauty feels imperative during days of struggle and sadness and days of joy and celebration.  My company, Le Corps/The Body, features drawings of nature’s most perfect and complicated creation.  Printed drawings of the body are printed on 100% sustainable cotton tees and totes.  I also created a collection of Uniques: hand painted upcycled clothing and purses.  I believe art and clothes should meet and have a powerful, but quiet relationship.  The trinity of beauty, art and life is woven tightly, and I hope to share the strength of it with you.