Behind the Brand

I am an artist and dancer.  I believe that the trinity of beauty, art and life is woven tightly.

Stuck in during an international pandemic, the world and I focused on the body.  In both enlightening and frightening ways.  In ways that elevated our stay at home souls and in ways that meant we had to say goodbye to souls we loved.  Days before the we were told to stop moving about from place to place, I went to see Michelangelo’s drawings.  He drew the body, feet, fingers, hands, faces… twisting, crouching, bending, reaching.  Covid-19 and Michelangelo filled my head during light and night as I stayed “safer at home.” 

While at home all of us asked our bodies and our art to keep going. Dancers did pliés holding kitchen counters. Singers performed in empty rooms for all to hear.  Mellow sounds of cellos echoed off bathroom tile. Yoga poses were held where coffee tables had sat.  Canvases were perched on dining tables. Writers paced small spaces. For inspiration eyes looked out windows to watch trees leaf and buds open. Ears heard birdsong and whispers and secrets and…

Our eyes saw and ears heard struggle. Doctors struggle.  And Nurses struggle. And Patients struggle. And Ambulance Drivers and Emergency Medical Workers around the world, trying to heal bodies, struggle. Everybody at home and everybody saving sick bodies wished to hug each other in support and love and admiration - but no one could even touch.  I kept thinking about Michelangelo’s hand of Adam stretching every muscle reaching to touch the hand of God.

So, Le Corps. The Body. To honor bodies and art I am creating Le Corps: a collection of two shirts and two totes as well as hand painted Uniques featuring the most beautiful and complex creation of the world.  The colors of the figures painted and printed are reds, oranges, blues, tans, purples, yellows, pinks. They reflect the colors that make up our world. 

Each of our bodies is wrapped in magnificent skin.  No one should ever be hurt, harmed, or hemmed in because of how our bodies look on the outside.  Let’s all make a world that celebrates bodies - regardless of color, gender, size, shape or age.   

Let’s honor the body and art together. Twenty-five percent of a Le Corps purchase will go directly to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund. This support will allow experimental artists, who have had performances or exhibits cancelled because of the pandemic, to keep their work alive.

Thank you for supporting Le Corps with a purchase.  Merci for believing in the body and the art it creates. For, what sits atop our bodies is our imagination, and with that we will reach beyond where we can touch to put the world back together again.